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"What do you dream of? What kind of future are you looking for? Seclude yourself in my booths, listen to my voice, and confess your desires. You are all alone, nobody but me can hear you.* I collect visions for the future."

RUMOR // Unfolding Futures stems from the idea that an image of a different, future world clashes with our current one. A dream for the future is, in a way, also an announcement of change. But adjustment is rough sometimes. And what if it turns out that one person’s dream is another’s nightmare?

     “A rumor is the sound of two worlds colliding.” 
              – from How We Are by Vincent Deary

An AI continuously merges the hopes and dreams of all participants. By doing so, it compiles them into one collective future perspective. How much do these dreams differ? Where do they collide? What is being said? Is there space for individual desire within the collective dream?

Visit RUMOR and find out.

(* RUMOR is an installation that converts all recorded dreams from speech to text, allowing for the recordings to be removed and each individual desire to remain anonymous.)


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RUMOR // Unfolding Futures is part of the series A.R.C. (A Real Catastrophe) that consists of projects in the public sphere, inviting the audience to take a look at new social structures. Through RUMOR, playField brings together art and science in a sphere of co-creation where citizens meet.


A playField. production.
Concept and creation: Marthe Schneider, Lana Schneider and Tim De Paepe.
Production: Marthe Schneider and Kelly Vermeiren.
Scenography: Lana Schneider.
Text: Lana Schneider and Marthe Schneider.
Voice: Marthe Schneider.
Audio: Lana Schneider and Ella Jacobs
Interactive 3D environment: Lana Schneider, Helena Yankson and Jannes Lambrecht.
Software: Tim De Paepe and Brainjar.
Technical coordination: Tim De Paepe.
Scenery: NTGent and GramCnC.
Communication and PR: Yasmin Van ’tveld.
Graphic design promo: Pjotr.

Co-production: Arenberg, Cultura Nova, GUM (Gents Universiteitsmuseum) and VIERNULVIER.

In collaboration with: Arenberg, Brainjar, Cultura Nova, GUM (Ghent University Museum), Het Huis Utrecht, iMAL and VIERNULVIER

With the support of the Government of Flanders, The Performing Arts Fund NL and City of Ghent.

Thanks to Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Ellen De Vos, Jeroen Vandesande, Jelle Vercalsteren, KAAP, Tom Vermeulen, Ghent University and Urgent.fm.

photo &
Theater Aan Zee -