I Remember

I Remember

Explore the world of human memory. PlayField introduces you to five performers. They share memories. Five perspectives and five personal histories emerge. Does any of it sound familiar? Slowly but surely the fragmented, personal moments compose a web of stories no one can escape from.

Examine with playField how impressionable and malleable our memory is. But also how experiences connect us with one another, and how shared memories have a hand in the formation of cultures.

How many memories do we share? Is there such a thing as a collective memory? How (un)reliable are our memories? Trying to understand the memory is like a child wanting to know how the fridge light works; when you almost see it, the door shuts.

I Remember premiered in September 2021.


Concept and creation: playField i.s.m. Tim Bogaerts
Cast: Tim Bogaerts, Kinga Jaczewska, Adina Macpherson, Youness Khoukhou, and Marthe Schneider
Lights: Caroline Mathieu
Scenography: Lana Schneider 
Dramaturgy: Frank Mineur
Coaching: Mathilde Strijdonk

With the support of:

FPK, the Flemish government Arenberg, Het Huis Utrecht, Kunstencentrum Vooruit, KOPERGIETERY, Victoria Deluxe, the city of Ghent and Destelheide.

I Remember was supported by and premiered in:

Arenberg (Antwerp, Belgium) and Het Huis Utrecht (The Netherlands).

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